Welcome to Milky Bomb Records

Milky Bomb Records – London UK, is a homegrown,

online record label created by Thirteen’s bassist,

Simon Fairchild. The label specializes in showcasing and

supporting those with talent and creativity.

New music that is similar, but also very different. Something for everyone… ish 😉


For more info on releases, gigs, and the label, contact:


Skull Above the Cannon ‘Dagos’ debut album OUT NOW – Bonus Edition

‘Dagos’ – Other Stores

“…the value of this band must not be ignored!” – 7.5/10 – Enzo Prenotto Grind on the Road

“Nothing like to kick off the show in style!” – Chris, Radio-Wigwam

1 0 0 1 – ‘1 0 0 1’ E.P out now!

Wonderment of 5 dark and stunning tracks that twist your soul, leaving you wanting more.” – Stuart Clack-Lewis, Premium Blend Radio Show

“Track of the day!”
Isaac Banks, Valley FM 89.5, Australia
“This thriving Ep demonstrates an array of technique which feels exceptionally fresh and exciting to lock into…”
Miff Morris, Revel Rouser

Megalomatic – ‘Symbolism’ E.P out now!

“I’m not seeing a bunch of Biffy, but it is wicked!”
Daniel P. Carter, Radio 1 Rock Show 

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